The Museum of London - Macular Society Meeting - 04.06.14

The Museum of London - Macular Society Meeting - 04.06.14

Postby DavePIC » Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:27 pm

Recently, I was very kindly invited along by the Macular Society to hear a talk from some eminent researchers in the field of ocular research - namely:

Professor Paul Bishop, chairman of the Research Committee, Macular Society and Professor of Ophthalmology at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
Professor Majlinda Lako - Professor of Stem Cell Science, Newcastle University
Dr Anthony Vugler - Lecturer in Retinal Neurobiology, University College London.

The day was very inspirational and I had the opportunity to meet several members of the Macular Society and get to know more about what it is they are striving for. I came away with a genuine feeling of optimism and expectation that the areas of research really are starting to gather pace and momentum and there is reason to hope.

Special mention must be made of Tony Rucinski, the Chief Executive of the Macular Society who took the time to sit and talk with me before the presentation. Tony is very visually impaired and can see only lights and colours but after hearing him speak it was clear to me he is a force of nature and impressed me hugely with his verve and passion for the job he does.

Reproduced by kind permission from the Macular Society, I'd like to post the speaker notes from the day which I hope you'll read and like me find very interesting, of hope and of optimism.


Finally, here's a few photos of the London Wall leading up to the Museum which I found quite impressive plus a photo of a preserved piece of the original wall around the CIty dating from Roman times.
The last one is the garden at the ground level of the Museum itself.
Museum of London 3.jpg
Museum of London 4.jpg
Museum of London 5.jpg
Museum of London 8.jpg
Museum of London 10.jpg
Museum of London 11.jpg
Museum of London 18.jpg
Museum of London 20.jpg

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Re: The Museum of London - Macular Society Meeting - 04.06.14

Postby Valerie » Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:34 pm

Makes interesting reading Dave. Would like to have been there. I am hoping to spend some of my long summer hols finding out as much as I can about pic and figuring out what I can do to push things forward. I really need to have more info. I feel so ignorant and helpless ATM.
Hope everyone is well.
I feel another get together is in the offing!
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